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4D Paint R20-2024

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Painting and Texturing tools for Cinema 4D R20 to 2024 on both OSX and Windows.

  • Realtime on-surface projection painting brushes to paint texture directly down onto your models in the main Cinema 4D viewports.
  • Paint with a sculpting style workflow to paint using stamps, stencils and symmetry onto Standard C4D materials
  • Lets you work in a UDIM style fashion using Standard C4D materials
  • Work with materials and Body Paint layers in a Photoshop style way
  • Texture transfer, remapping features and UV tools

Includes the following plugins

  • Paint Brushes
  • Texture View
  • Material View
  • Layer View
  • Stamp Stencil View
  • Vertex Painter
  • Vector Graphics
  • Plugin Manager

Includes 4 Layouts (4DPaint, 4DPaint Multi, Vector Full and Vector Split).

Help files are included in the Plugins4D menu as well as online here.

For tutorials and more information visit the Plugins 4D Website

There is no support for these plugins.

No more work is being done on these tools other than to keep compiling them for new versions of C4D.

For help installing visit:

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4D Paint R20-2024

31 ratings
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